How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in the UK?

Breast augmentation surgery, also known as breast enlargement or implant surgery, is among the most type of cosmetic surgery that women in the UK can undergo. According to an estimate, over 30,000 women in the UK undergo breast augmentation procedures each year. Although a majority of these women undergo these procedures privately, but between 2012 and 2013, many women have also gotten breast implants fitted under social care services.

The Cost Of Undergoing Breast Augmentation In The UK

Women who want to get breast implants fitted in the UK can make an informed decision only after they have considered the potential financial costs. In fact, the overall financial cost is an important issue that must be taken into account by women who are deciding whether or not to undergo breast enlargement in the UK.

Breast implants on Social Care

Social care services rarely fund any type of cosmetic surgery, and the same goes for breast augmentation too. As mentioned, a majority of women pay for private treatment in order to get breast implants fitted.

However, there are certain circumstances where social care services may pay for breast implants. For instance, the use of breast implants is generally involved in a breast reconstruction procedure for women who have already undergone mastectomy, i.e. breast removal surgery, to treat breast cancer. In such cases, a social care service may pay for the implants and the surgery.

Women may also qualify for breast augmentation under social care services if it becomes apparent they are suffering from drastic psychological stress due to the appearance of their breasts or their breasts have not development normally. For instance, women whose breast tissue is no longer developing or those with significantly uneven breasts may undergo breast augmentation funded by a social care service.

The availability of social care-funding for breast implants also depends on the patient’s local CCG (clinical commissioning group) and the amount of funding that is allocated by them for the breast augmentation surgery. A general physician can also provide advice about availability in a certain area.

Private Treatment

In a majority of cases, women have to pay to undergo breast augmentation surgery privately. This can be a costly option and that is why being aware of all the potential expenses involved is necessary.

On an average, women who decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery in the UK end up paying anywhere between £3,500 and £5,000. Often, additional costs also have to be paid for any consultations that patients have and any follow-up treatment that is required.

For instance, if at some point the implant(s) has to be replaced, a patient usually needs to pay for the follow-up surgery privately. At times, is there is a problem with the implant(s), a social service care may pay for the surgery, but only if the original procedure had also been approved and funded by them.

Fixed Price Options

Women wishing to get breast implants fitted in the UK should be able to find fixed price packages too, in which the costs of consultation, the procedure, an overnight stay and the aftercare are all covered. However, before deciding to opt for such a package, the following important questions should be asked since additional costs could be charged later one. Questions that should be asked include:

= What happens if further treatment is required?
= What happens if the results are not desirable?
= What is covered by the aftercare package?
= When might additional costs be charged?
= Will choices be restricted by a fixed price?

Breast Augmentation In The UK Can Indeed Cost Between £3,500 & £5,000

It is fact that the cost of getting breast implants fitted in the UK can be as high as £5,000. Back in 2009, Daily Mail had posted an article about a 23-year-old girl from Lincolnshire who had undergone breast augmentation surgery in 2007, which had cost her a total of £3,800. She claimed that she was not happy with the size of breasts and they affected her self-confidence, so she decided to get them “enlarged to a 34/36D.” She also admitted to be delighted and pleased with the results.


Thus, in a majority of cases, women should be prepared to spend anywhere between £3,500 and £5,000 in order to undergo breast augmentation in the UK. It is not necessary that they may manage to qualify for social care service funding for the procedure. However, they should manage to find various fixed price packages.