The History of Breast Surgery

The popularity of breast augmentation has grown each day since its invention. Breast augmentation is generally the surgical as well as non-surgical mammoplasty procedures which are meant to alter and correct the; form, size and the feel of a woman’s breasts. Ladies who are not pleased with their breast shape and mostly size are now finding it essential to try out breast augmentation to get the breast of their dreams. Today breast augmentation has become more popular than ever before. The first case of an attempted breast augmentation was traced and reported attempt in the late 19th century when there was an attempt to use paraffin to enlarge breast. It was argued that when paraffin was used in; fuel, different types of waxes or candle making to increase the size of breast. It however caused infections as well as formation of lumps on the breast tissue.

As early as 1910 paraffin was still being used until 1920s when people gave up on the paraffin procedure. By this period doctors had began trying out several types of procedures and more specific attempts to enlarge breast by transferring fats from other parts of the body. However this did not work out well especially for women who were in their early 20s since the fat was gradually reabsorbed into the various parts of the body which eventually left their breast misshapen and asymmetrical. However this procedure lasted up to early 1940s.

One interesting development in the 1940s was an attempt by the Japanese women to increase the size of their breast by injecting their breast with silicone filler. This was mostly motivated by a popular believe among the Japanese women that American soldiers in the world war were highly attracted to women who had larger breast. The silicone injection was popular in the 60s especially among the exotic dancer all over U.S. It did not take long though before the silicone breast implants was banned in the U.S.A after it caused severe hardening of breast among women who had used it.

The period between 1940 was not the end of it, in the 1950s new attempts of breast augmentation were made, this time round experts tried to use polyvinyl sponges. Polyvinyl is a popular synthetic material which was commonly used in different applications because of its chemical makeup. The doctors by then tried to insert polyvinyl sponges into the breast. It unfortunately did not give good results as it resulted to hardening and shrinking of the breast, it also caused other minor breast infections but was majorly hit by claims that it caused breast cancer.

It was until the year 1961 that Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin revolutionized the process of breast augmentation when they created what is now referred too as the first silicone breast implant. This has a direct link to the silicone breast implant that is used to date. Frank and Thomas were credited with bringing the original silicone breast implant which had a tear drop shaped silicone rubber envelope that was filled with a thick silicone gel. It only took a few years before the saline breast implant was first manufactured in France. The sole reason why saline breast implant was created was as a result of the need place a smaller incision instead of those placed in the silicone breast implants.

Since then there have been several improvements that have been made to the silicone breast implants. The improvements have been both to the shell as well as the silicone gel inside. In the early 1990 several experts had serious question on the safety of silicone in the unfortunate event of a rupture. However The Food and Drug Administration was not able to in any way find a link between illness being caused by silicone. In the late 20th and the 21st century only saline filled breast implants type was available in the U.S

However the Silicone gel breast implants were available to other parts of the world all along. Fortunately in the year 2006 the FDA gave silicone breast implants a clean bill of health. Today the silicone breast implants now popular with most women using it as a trusted procedure of breast implant which has a cohesive gel and better shell.

One thing is expected though; the evolution of breast augmentation is not about to stop, people will keep on inventing better, effective and safe ways of breast augmentation.

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